Sadly, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to take the decision to cancel Henley Master’s Regatta this year. Unfortunately it will not be possible to hold the regatta later in the year, so we hope to see you all back for a great weekend of racing next year (9/10 July 2021). Our thanks go to the volunteers who had committed their time to helping to run the Regatta this year. Stay safe!

At Henley Masters Regatta 2020, competitors will be permitted to enter one event through BROE2. Entries for this event will open at noon (BST) on Thursday 21 May 2020. Competitors will not be able to enter a second event themselves; entries for second events will be made by the HMR Entries Secretary only. Please note: You are not allowed to make entries containing “placeholders” with the intention of substituting those competitors later to allow you to double up, so do not make entries unless all those in the crew intend to row. Coxswains are permitted to enter more than one event. Entries must be paid for immediately or they will be rejected.

A waiting list for second events will be available via Google Forms (https://forms.gle/5Q8m2KE5QMoa3MMz7) from noon (BST) on Thursday 21 May 2020. At HMR 2019, approximately 25% of competitors rowed in more than one event. Entries permitted to row in a second event will be selected on the basis of creating good competition in all boat classes and all ages (in practice this means that you have a higher chance of rowing in a second event if you propose to enter a less popular event). Crews will be invited from the waiting list from Saturday 30 May 2020 to fill up the ~360 available entries. Please be prepared to accept phone calls regarding your wait-listed entries.

Entries will close officially on Tuesday 16 June 2020.

Crew Matching – please complete the Google Form at https://forms.gle/Us1LbY5SSP9pyLip7 to take part in Crew Matching
We will create a list to match competitors who would like to row/scull but do not have a crew or are willing to substitute with those that have a crew but are missing a person (e.g. due to injury at the last minute as an alternative to withdrawing from the competition). Success not guaranteed but potential unlimited.
If you are an individual sculler/rower/cox and would like to scull/row/cox in a crew or would be available as a substitute for another crew then complete the Google Form.
If you are a crew and you require an additional sculler/rower/cox then complete the Google Form. Please consider this as an option before withdrawing your crew due to injury or commitments at a late stage before the regatta.
Any questions can be sent to the Entries Secretary (entries@henleymastersregatta.org.uk). All details provided via the Google Form will be treated as confidential.

Please note the following local rules:

  • Where an event has received only 1 entry, the following process will apply:
1) The crew will be offered to change to an alternative event, or
2)If an adjacent event also only has 1 entry, the 2 events will be combined and operated using the standard handicap category, or
3) If an adjacent event has 2 entries or more, the crew will be given the following option:
a) to compete in the adjacent event without a handicap
b) to withdraw their entry and accept a full refund
c) for crews aged at least 75 years, adjacent events will be combined with a handicap
4) If there are no adjacent events running, and the crew does not wish to transfer to an adjacent event, the entry will be rejected and a full refund given.
  • Once this process has been completed, a List of Entries will be published.

Once the List of Entries is published:

  • No refunds are payable for crews which withdraw 
  • Crews cannot change the category in which they are racing, unless in unusual circumstances and then on the approval of a Race Committee representative
  • In the event of withdrawals, crews will be added from the waiting list to the List of Entries in place of those who have withdrawn.

Once the Draw is published:

  •  If the Official Closing date has not yet passed, 100% substitutions can be made via BROE2, thereafter 50% substitutions are still possible (please note: this will not allow doubling-up of competitors already entered).
  •  In the event of withdrawals, crews will be added from the waiting list to the Draw in place of those who have withdrawn.
  • Crews cannot change the category in which they are racing unless in very exceptional circumstances and then on the approval of two members of the Race Committee

Entry Eligibility

Henley Masters Regatta is open to the Masters age categories shown below for both men and women.   The minimum age is 27 for competitors in line with FISA rules, except coxswains who may be under this age. Your racing age is the age in years you attain during the year the regatta is held.

Minimum Age for 1x or Average Crew Age:364350556065707580

The Programme of Events i.e. the sequence in which events are raced is shown on the Draw page.  Please review this and ensure that you do not enter events that are fewer than 8 events apart (even on the waiting list). This is the least and you may wish you enter events that are more than that number of events apart.

Event restriction

Each 1x category is restricted to a maximum of 8 entries, and each 2x category to a maximum of 16 crews, based on the order in which entries are received.

ONLINE Entries

The Regatta ONLY accepts ONLINE  entries made via the British Rowing Online Entry (“BROE2“) web portal. Payment must be made online at the time of entry.  Any unpaid entries will not be included in the List of Entries and therefore not included in the  listed in the draw.

English and Welsh competitors should complete an BROE2 – British Rowing Online Entry.  All crews (excluding Overseas Entries) MUST ensure that each crew member is a fully paid-up member of British Rowing or Scottish Rowing. Please note that British Rowing membership insurance is only valid for UK residents who are resident in this country for more than six months in a year. This is the responsibility of the individual.  British Rowing is unable to determine whether or not a person is resident when they apply for membership with a UK address.

Overseas Crews & Scottish (SARA) Crews who have not used BROE2 before need to FIRST register themselves with British Rowing. Please contact British Rowing by emailing clubs@britishrowing.org, explaining that you wish to use BROE2. This should be done well in advance of the Regatta Entry Opening Date. Please provide the name of your club and details of the person making the entry. British Rowing will register your details, creating a username for BROE2, enabling you to subsequently enter the Regatta online through BROE2.


The entry fees for 2020 are as follows:

  • Eights £170
  • Fours & Quads £105
  • Doubles £65
  • Singles £40

Cancellation Policy

The Henley Masters Regatta’s policy on refunds is that should it be necessary to cancel the Regatta, we will try to refund part of the entry fees in a fair and transparent manner following a meeting of the Committee when sunk costs are known. The amount withheld would be to cover any unavoidable costs.